January 19, 2020

Radam Motors is an innovation company that has created the most efficient electric motor and generator technology ever.

Radam's exciting new motor technology is the first to create a conventional looking and working radial air gap amorphous based electric motor.

What's the difference?

  • The technology exploits commercially available amorphous ribbon to make the highest efficiency electric motors and generators.
  • All major motor advances have relied on application of new materials, and amorphous iron is the most energy efficient soft iron available for electric motors
  • The Radam motor uses amorphous iron to replace conventional silicon iron.


The balance of the Radam motor uses conventional motor industry components and techniques, leveraging the best the industry has to offer. The result is a motor, that at a viewing distance of 24 inches is indistinguishable from conventional motors.  Radam's motor can fit any existing footprint.

Radam has designed, built and tested these motors successfully. The pilot build has 2 motor samples that have operated over 10,000 hours under PWM operation without problem. These motors are more efficient and are designed smaller and with much less material than conventional motors. Thus these motors are ultimately a winning deal:

  • Motor manufacturers win by using less material
  • Motor users win by using less electricity
  • All of us win by using fewer resources